Year 4

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Allanah @allanahk Year 4 blog of activities and showcasing student work.

Sarah has just started her Year 4 blog

Year 5


Here is Kirstin's Year 5 and 6 blog which is written mostly by the students.

They also have another blog which follows the adventures of their class mascot

Rohi the Kea.

Kellie's class blog is written by her Year 4, 5 and 6 students.


Example of a Year 5 Blog

Year 5 and 6 blog from Sylivia Park School.

Year 6

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This is Claire's classroom blog with great examples of the work her students are doing in the classroom.

Lisa posts links that she wants students to look at on her class blog.

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This is Bec's 2013 blog

Bec's 2014 blog

Year 7 & 8

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Kay's blog for her Year 7 and 8 students is written by both students and teachers. It is the 'mothership' of information for and about their class. In this class they learn Spanish and they have links to Spanish sites and some posts are in Spanish as well.

This is Dave's Year 8 blog 'The Class without Walls' for his class, he posts assignments, homework and student presentations.

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Georgi's Year 7 and 8 blog has wonderful examples of student work and the progressions in their learning

Wendy's students contribute regularly to their writing blog

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This Justine's Year 7 blog