The Podgorani is written by a Principal in Auckland...sometimes controversial, always a great read

Sarah Martin is the Principal of Stonefields, a new school in Auckland. She writes about her school and the journey they are on.

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Indira Neville's blog stopped March 2010, but it is still well worth looking at. Most of the posts she has made have been made in cartoon form created by her. She is the principal of Mulberry Grove School on Great Barrier Island.

@avonpinhead is a Principal in a rural school.

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Sandra is the Principal of Freemans Bay School. She keeps a wonderful blog on e-Learning, AFL and Habits of the mind in her school.

Hingaia Peninsula School has had a blog going since the Principal Jane Danielson was first appointed Term 2 2011. It is wonderful diaried account of the school being built from the ground up.

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Rob Clarke Principal of Roydvale School updates his school blog regularly to document what is happening in his school