Year 0

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Lynley has created a Weebly for her students

Natasha's students make good use of this wiki which has been going for nearly 3 years.


This is a brand new wiki created by Sarah and Claire. They have used some of the photos from their own class to make their Jigsaws.

This teacher's Switched onto Learning wiki is very popular in lots of other schools where teachers use it for their own students. It has inspired lots of other teachers to make their own as well.


This is Olivia's New Entrant wiki. She has just started it grow!

Year 1

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Karen's wiki has great resources

This is Angelique's Year 1 wiki

Year 2

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Kate's Orca Room wiki

Stella's Year 2 wiki has lots of great activities

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This is Evelyn's Junior School wiki for 2015

Year 3

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Julie's wiki has loads of resources and ideas.

Sarah has just started developing her wiki

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Marie's Year 3 wiki

Kimberley has loads of great resources

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Lynne has an amazing wiki that she has been developing over the last years. Check out her cool blog as well.

Year 0-3

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Lis has created this awesome Te reo resource for her students.