Year 1

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Rachel has been blogging for years and has a wonderful Class blog , great examples of student blog posts , a resource wiki, and an insightful personal blog.

Diane has just started her blog this year

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This is Kate's 2014 blog

This is a great example of a New Entrant blog

Year 2

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Karen has an amazing blog that she has developed over the last couple of years

This is Karen's Year 2 blog

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Jenny She has been keeping the 'Little Voice, Little Scholars' blog on her class for several years now. It is wonderful record of her students learning.

Kiwi 4 is a Year 2 blog. This is their 2013 version.

Year 3


Heather's Year 3 blog

Kimberley's Year 3 and 4 blog is mostly written by the students.

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Year 2/3 blog with wonderful examples of student learning.

Not sure what level Room 17 is at Pinehil School but this is a great blog documenting students e-Learning progress.

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This is the first year of Kirsten's Year 3 Blog

Kids with a View

Lynne Laburn's blog has been going for at least 4 years. She uses weemees as the children's avatars

Mixed Level


This is Learning Hub 2's blog tracking their learning.